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5 steps to building a tribe (in a way that feels natural)

5 steps to building a tribe (in a way that feels natural)

How powerful and reassuring is having an inner circle of peeps you can totally rely on - no matter what? Take a peek “behind the curtain” at the insider info we give our clients.... watch the video or read the transcript below.



Hey, it's Mel Here from BlueBee Social just giving you your social media review.


I will run through what we have - it is three areas which form the framework for what BlueBee does and I'm just going to get straight into it for you.


One of the three things is what we call family.


When you get this right you'll actually get a tribe of people who love you and want exactly what you do.


You'll have a team of influencers who love you, love what you do and they want to share your content.


You'll have confidence in who you are and where you're going.


You'll have crystal clear messaging.


You'll have pride in what you're doing.


You'll be recognized by your peers and you'll have a feeling of being authentic online.


When you don't have family right, the result is that people who aren't really sure.


People aren't really sure what you do.


It's harder for them to share your content.


They're confused about what you're really about.


You're confused about who you are and what you're doing and you're uncertain about how to communicate this message about what you're about to your prospective clients.


You're embarrassed about your image and people can think you're a bit of an amateur.


You feel like your real self isn't coming across in what you're doing online.


There's five components that we look at with your social media to see how you're going along this framework of family.


We look at your tribe, we look at your brand and your branding niche, we look at your audience, we look at the authenticity that's coming across online and we look at your partners or influencers.


What you're doing well so far with your social media is that you've built up a following. You've got 999 likers on Facebook and you've 946 likers, followers on Instagram. So this is quite good and I understand that you have done some work in the past with another social media company. Perhaps this has actually built this up for you. If not, fantastic, if you've built this organically that's really great. You've also got 23 reviews on Facebook which is awesome. 21 of those gave you five stars reviews so that's fantastic.


Keep working on that 'cause the reviews are really important.


What you could be doing better in this area. I wasn't able to find a niche for you. I couldn't see a niche anyway from the content that you're sharing and I couldn't really see that there was a specific audience that you were targeting. Perhaps pregnant women, there was a fair bit of content aimed at them. And I wasn't really hearing your voice coming through that content so these are really important for building that tribe.


I know that your product is probably for lots of different people but you mentioned that you had a whole bunch of different target audiences. I'd really like to see content that's coming out that is specifically targeted to those people.


And also your audience, I'd like to get clear on what age groups you're aimed at so that that particular audience can be targeted with content that's going to resonate with them.


The other thing with the partners was that I didn't really see any other local businesses around the area that you might already be doing some deals, contra deals, or just have relationships with. I didn't see any communications with those.


Or tagging such as tagging on your posts. That could be another area where you could build up to help build the tribe and get some leverage.


The other key component of our framework is fundamentals. When you get this right you get a system where everything is just working together in harmony.


You get predictable results.


You get measurable results.


(video fades out)


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