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Sharing Facebook business posts to friends without annoying them

Sharing Facebook business posts to friends without annoying them

Have you ever wanted to share your business Facebook posts on your personal Facebook profile but been worried it would annoy some of your friends and family?  


Did you know you can create lists for your personal profile to organise your friends into interest groups?  


Facebook already does some of the segregation for you and you can already specify to only show Family or to people that went to the same school as you etc., but you can also create your own special groups like 'Gold Coast Business Owners' and 'Open-minded friends' if you like to share non-PC posts.  


Here's how to set up a list on your personal Facebook profile:


Go to your 'Home' tab, then look down the left hand side for 'Friends'.  There is a 'more' link on the right beside 'Friends'.   Click this.

friends more

Now you will see a list of all your lists.  You can 'Create a List' here.

list created

Now add friends to your list by typing in any letter and selecting the people you want to add to the list.  You can save the list and then go back and edit it as well.

add friends

Once created you can now select that List Name when you post on Facebook and only the people on that list will see your post.  No more spamming all your mates with business interest posts, or driving your friends insane with baby pics.  Just send them to the friends you know appreciate them.

select list

final message



Now it is your turn.  What sort of lists are you going to create to segment your friends and their interests? 






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