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Google+ now offers grouping of posts as ‘Collections’

Google+ now offers grouping of posts as ‘Collections’


As of Monday this week Google has announced that it's social marketing, Google+, now has a new feature called 'Collections' which enables users to create themed streams of posts.  Each new Collection can be followed individually or you can set it up so that all of your Followers follow all of your Collections.


This is very similar to Pinterest Boards.   You will have a 'Collections' tab on your account and visitors can Follow any or all of your 'Collections', seeing any new posts that you add in their home stream.


Collections are available on Public and Private profiles.  To build your business profile, why not put together a range of collections that represent the interests of your target audience and start populating.  


When you initially set up your 'Collection' you can set it up for Followers of your profile to automatically follow the 'Collection' or leave it blank.  You would best consider what your general audience will want to see to decide if this is appropriate or something you are best to lure them to follow by sharing posts from your collection onto your private and public profiles.  


You can share your posts within your 'Collections' publicly, privately or to a custom set of people.  You can also share each 'Collection' to attract new Followers specifically to the 'Collection'.


Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.53.30 am


We've just started to set up a Business social media marketing tips Collection.  Follow us on Google+ or Follow our new Collection.


Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.40.54 am


'Collections' feature is available on the web, via the Google+ Android app and will roll out on iOS Apple later according to Google.


Are you on Google+ yet?  Might be time to start exploring.



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