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Should you do social media marketing yourself or outsource?

Should you do social media marketing yourself or outsource?

I often get asked if we can train staff and business owners to run their own social media marketing themselves.  Of course.  We can totally do this for you.  But.... so far I am yet to see a business that takes this on themselves and give it the focus that it needs to get the results they desire.
If you do have some in-house resources that can be dedicated to the content creation and social media marketing, then we'd love to help you build your capacity and it does have advantages.  We would first start by providing you with a review first and then if it is needed, a Social Media Marketing Strategy to provide some strategic direction.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy would include:

  • An overview of your current performance, including your website visitation, social media activity and lead conversions
  • An outline of you target audiences
  • Detailed descriptions of your target audiences behaviour
  • Your social media marketing goals (and the marketing and business goals that these relate to)
  • Definition of your social media marketing tactics
  • Social Media Marketing Action Plan
  • Content ideas
  • Content and campaign calendar
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, and 
  • A budget.
Once you have a Social Media Marketing Strategy your business is on its way.  
The catch is you need to make sure you have the necessary time set aside to develop content, graphics and manage the interactions and posting.  This is often where businesses find it difficult.  
The other problem is that many businesses do not have the Social Media Marketing management skills in-house.  In that case you may be interested in getting some training alongside your Strategy.   

Strategy + Training Packages

We are flexible in the way we provide our Strategy and Training Packages for our clients and whoever you decide to get your Strategy and Training from ensure that the training component includes:
  • Setting up of your social profiles
  • Affordable programs for Social Media Management
  • Assistance with setting up management programs
  • Training timing to suit your business needs (online vs in-person; block learning in one hit vs an hour a week for a period of time etc)
  • Supporting training documentation
  • A period of ongoing support via email, Skype or telephone
  • Certificates for your staff
  • Ongoing mentoring programs
  • Ongoing email updates on Social Media Marketing Information specifically for business marketing.

DIY Pros 

Being able to allocate staff time to the management of social media marketing is an exciting place to be and it definitely has a its benefits, including:
  • Easy access to internal knowledge and potential content
  • Direct access to your clients and the opportunity to get to know what makes them tick
  • Potentially no delays in getting ‘hot off the press’ information out through your networks
  • Saves the cost of an ongoing external service provider

DIY Cons

Of course there are also a few drawbacks to keep in mind when considering DIY, including:
  • Cost of wages, superannuation and workers compensation
  • Cost of computer equipment, office space and electricity
  • Cost of programs and additional internet packages you may need
  • If your staff have the relevant skills, if not, the cost of training
  • Lost opportunity of your staff member working on other parts of your business
  • Whether you can afford to pay for the staff time to stay on top of new information, product updates and keeping an eye on competitor activities
  • The potential for other work to push into social media marketing time and for efforts to reduce over time.

DIY vs Outsourcing

Weighing up the options between DIY with or without training versus outsourcing your Social Media Marketing is illustrated below.
Option 1 | DIY without training
The time resource requirement is ‘very high’, unless you already have the skills, as you will also need to teach yourself through online videos and lessons or external workshops.  Your performance will improve of course as you will have clear direction on how to get the most out of your social media marketing.
Option 2 | DIY with training
If you DIY with training the time resource requirement is less than the first option as you won't need to train yourself, however the time investment is still ‘high’, as you will need to apply ongoing, consistent and responsive effort, as well as research to stay up-to-date.  Your performance, however will be greater than the first option, as you have your Strategy for strategic direction, but you can also hit the ground running with your in-house skills.
Option 3 | Outsourcing
If you outsource your Social Media Marketing Management through a social media specialist, such as BlueBee Social, your time investment will be ‘low’ and your performance much higher. social media specialists live and breathe it.  They have their finger on the pulse of what is new, what is working and what not to waste time on.  At BlueBee Social we make it our mission to get to know each of our clients businesses in detail and to provide tailored solutions to help them get their desired results as fast as possible.   


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