About Us

BlueBee Social was established in 2014 to help business owners make more sales and grow their business.


Like most, we saw an opportunity with social, but we saw something missing in the market.  Paid ads throw money at the problem but are expensive, ever increasing in costs and without a strategy often miss the mark.    


Chasing the latest gimmick, platform or social landscape change is interesting, but unreliable and expensive.


We use a unique approach which combines modern media with timeless fundamentals.  It allows for consistent results and pricing in an ever changing and chaotic landscape.    It’s built on the three pillars of Fundamentals, Family and Freedom and builds quantifiable business assets that can be leveraged and sold using a methodology that allows you the freedom to grow your business as big as you want it to.


So how did this unique combination come about?    Well,  let us share our story with you…


Whilst on an overseas travelling adventure, by chance I saw an ad for some work – building fences and chopping down trees.  I needed the money, and thought it could be a bit of an experience – a week in nature.  What happened on that trip was unexpected – I felt a profound connection with the natural environment.  From that moment I was inspired to work in this area – I was bitten by the bug of connection.


On my return home I embarked on the journey – completing my degree in Environmental Science whilst doing volunteer work, then pursuing a career in the field.


Along this journey I met Mary Maher.  She was an Environmental Planner who worked as a private consultant for government and non-profits.  I worked for her part time and she became like a second mother to me.


I admired how involved she was in her community – getting heavily involved in campaigns to preserve the unique character of West End, in Brisbane,  to  prevent it from becoming homogenised.  She taught me about self sufficiency – freedom – looking after your money as a female and the value of continuous learning and improvement.


Most of all she taught me about the power of networking and connection, how to authentically and naturally facilitate things to happen, by creating powerful networks and alliances of people that can be called on for support – your family.  Her connections gave her great influence and she taught me everything she knew about exactly how to do it in a natural, human and elegant way.  The fundamentals.


For the next 7 years I did Environmental Coordination and project work.  I worked for local and State governments, non-profit organisations and private industry.


I learned much about human motivation, interaction and politics – working with many different types of people, some of whom were difficult to convince and work with – and the fundamental communication styles that addressed them all, so goals could be achieved.  


I practised and learned higher level thinking – the value of a strategically-based perspective.  Many times this was alongside powerful people who wanted to “act without strategy” – and who questioned this approach.   Invariably the organisations that didn’t take a strategic stance first, missed out on opportunities.  My skills were recognised early as I was teaching strategic planning classes to my far more experienced peers straight out of university.


I also had two other secret weapons alongside me – Samantha Morris – a Marketing and Communications Specialist and Founder and Editor of a locally published magazine.  Sam has been my marketing mentor over the past two decades.  I learned how to write media releases that made an impact, grant applications that secured money and how to write in plain English, rather than waffle.   


Then there was Susanne Cooper – Environmental Consultant – who taught me all about strategic analysis – both collecting information and making sense of it to determine the best way forward. Yet another fundamental skill.


Samantha, Mary and Susanne remain like family to me to this day.


In 2009  I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   This unexpected and debilitating condition took control of my life for the best part of 3 years.   For a period of 18 months I was literally unable to work.


It forced me into a place where I could no longer rely on employment.  I had to fend for myself, become self sufficient.  With my financial survival at stake, I rented out rooms in my house for income and in 2012 started BlueBee Consulting so I could contract my services in my own time.   I came through this challenge with what I’d learnt and even started a blog during my recovery – “Green Girl Fights Fatigue“. The blog still operates today.


With the success of BlueBee Consulting – and trusting in the fundamentals I’d learnt one last time – I started BlueBee Social in 2014. It was a way to apply my skills to assist small business to grow and, in turn, strengthen local community.


I was alone for the first time in the “no-prisoners” business world where my approach would be tested in the market to see its real worth.   Business is ruthless – it spits out anything that doesn’t produce results instantly – and my competition were vocal about my “lack of experience” in this world.  


All fears came up – can I survive here?   Can I be self sufficient here with so much competition?   Will the fundamentals work here?  Am I good enough?   These fears were only surface level, as deep down, I knew what worked.


BlueBee Social was a flying success.  Within months I had a full time roster of clients in a range of industries and was employing staff to help me as I grew.  Results with clients spoke for themselves.  We achieved 400% increases in website traffic, boosted social media exposure to over 20,000 people per month on very minimal ad spends and tripled lead activities. One of our clients built his business and sold it for a significant profit – he’s now on 2 years’ semi-retirement.  The list of great referrals for our services goes on.


FUNDAMENTALS, FAMILY AND FREEDOM.   The same things that Mary had taught me about all those years before.   Follow the fundamentals.  Nurture your family.  Reach out and grow.   Let go of endless desperation/addiction rollercoasters – latest gimmicks – and just trust people.  Trust what works.


I became self sufficient in my business and life, in a world with lots of competition.  I’m able to generate more income when I need to, by tapping into the support of my network – my family, with the freedom to grow and expand as I choose, in whatever direction feels right.


I serve and build my community, the people, places and great companies I care about, using my gifts.


This is the secret sauce we offer our clients…




Using the power of


To help business owners
Make more sales and grow their business




Melanie Brennan,
Founding Director
BlueBee Social