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Two most important building blocks for social media marketing

Two most important building blocks for social media marketing

A lot of businesses are only just starting to realise the value that Social media marketing gold coast can build for their businesses.  It is not just about chatting to friends or sharing selfies and photos of cute cats, dogs and babies.  Social media should be viewed as a net to catch your audiences attention and funnel them to your marketing material where you can generate sales leads. I'll go into this in more depth for you in future blog posts, but today I just wanted to get across to you that there are two main things every business should be focused on if you want to build your attractiveness for social media marketing and also build value for your business from social media marketing.  These are:

  • Good quality blog content on your website that is specifically of interest to your target audience, and
  • An email database supported by a sign up box on your website and regular newsletters with quality content specifically of interest to your target audience.

Keep your eye on these two important building blocks and you will start to build momentum and value from your social media strategy.

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