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How an unlikely combination can create power, influence, and impact for business (without wasting time)

How an unlikely combination can create power, influence, and impact for business (without wasting time)

Hey groovers and shakers!


Today's post is going to gently, yet firmly, teach you:


  • How to get consistent results for your business - that compound over time
  • How to get momentum with your social media marketing - making it easier as time goes on
  • How to build an asset regardless of what's happening in the social media landscape - an asset that you can draw on again and again (like the golden goose) to grow revenue


It's also going to help you to:


  • Stop relying on individual platforms for sales and putting yourself at risk of the platforms that change the rules as you go - putting your entire business in the hands of a platform
  • Stop getting swept away chasing the constant updates and chasing the shiny objects at brand new platforms
  • Avoid that feeling of being too pushy with sales or in your marketing




Ok, so what we're going to explore the combination of timeless fundamentals of human tribal interaction - with the ultra-modern  ever-changing social media landscape. 


We're going to look at how combining principles that that work and have always worked since the beginning of time - with technology that allows you to reach an insanely high number of qualified people rapidly.


We will see how it  is the combination of these two seemingly disparate ideas/technolodies - that ultimately gives you freedom from individual platforms and allows you to trust in fundamentals that work no matter what.


OK lets get into it.




One of the mistakes I see people make with social (even though it's coming from an understandable position) is the attitude that this is just something that's not really necessary and we should probably just avoid it altogether.


The thinking seems to be “we’ve got our traditional means of marketing , they've always worked so why try out this new stuff at all”.


The feeling is one of staying clear of the social media , not wasting time with it and continuing with existing marketing strategies that are working "just fine thankyou".


The position is in many ways understandable - there are many other marketing methods apart from social media that still work perfectly well - and it's true that social is realy only another channel


If you already have existing marketing methods for your business that work, then you may argue that you simply don't need the hassle of social media - with its huge learning curve, brain-bending paradigm shift thinking, and constant changes, updates and additions.  


Seriously, who has the time?


Or energy?


I get it.


The main challenge that pops up with this approach is that it means you are missing out on a lot of opportunity - and you're competitors are out there lapping it up.


There's a reason why social media marketing is big, growing and popular.


Simply - it's because it works.


It is one of the most targeted platforms and, when done properly, is one of the cheapest simply because it is so targeted and you can get exactly the right message in front of exactly the right people at exactly the right time, very consistently.


This means that your marketing is only as expensive as you need it to be in terms of reach.


We never waste time marketing to people for whom our message, offer, product or service would not be of interest.


And this means high return on investment for your competitors - and more catching up for you to do outside of social, bringing your customers back from being convinced your competitor is where they need to get they're problem solved.




The other mistake that I see people making is having a perspective that social media is the be all and end all, the brand new thing, you've gotta be in it and if you're not, you're missing out.


That perspective loves the fact that it's new and growing and takes the meaning that it's the new wave and is relevant for all business. I


t doesn't really matter what you do you've just got to be there seeing what's around and that's the way to approach social media.  Just jump in.


This perspective is also in a way understandable because of the rapid growth of the platform, however it can be problematic.


You can waste a lot of time & money, there is a near infinite amount of options in terms of how you can market your business on social.  


For every piece of online advice, tip, trick or tactic you can read online - there is an equal and opposite piece of advice from someone "just as qualified" to dispell it as a rumour or myth.


If you multiply that by the amount of platforms and the amount of changes in platforms and rules it becomes extremely complex and extremely hard to manage.


Many of our clients have found it expensive and time consuming when they try to do this on their own - in face it's why they ask for the free review we offer.




So, what it comes back to is the combination of timeless networking principles and modern media.


This means the overlap of timeless principles of human motivation, tribal interaction, how individuals and groups interact, social situations, how individuals meet people, learn to like and trust people.


How we learn to belong as part of a tribe - and this includes businesses in their tribe.   


This is what the overlap is all about.


It is true that the social media landscape has changed the way that we interact as people to a degree.


It's made things faster.


It's made things able to happen on  a global scale.


It's created the ability to be much more targeted in your promotions.


What hasn't changed are the fundamentals of human sociology and psychology. We still interact with each other in much the same way.


What we are finding more and more is that the social media platforms, after they get released and create a new kind of dynamic within the landscape, it is far more often than not THEM that continually adjust to work with the fundamentals of human psychology to stay relevant and current.


If they push against our basic motivations as people, or force us to work in a way that frankly, goes against the grain of us as humans.  They don't stay around for long.


Sure, they also go the other way, playing a part in the evolution of collective consciousness, changing our behaviour in huge ways.


But while they may change a lot of what we do - why we do it remains much the same.








The constant in all of this changing landscape in all of the dynamic shifting social media world is human beingness.


This is the way that people are people, how they interact with their tribe, how they interact with anyone that they meet that they want to form a relationship with - the fundamentals of human relationships have pretty much stayed the same.


These principles work in nature, these principles work in tribes and these principles also work in the modern world.


And when we apply these principles to whatever new platform pops up, or whatever new platform change occurs - magic happens.




When you take this approach  - combining modern media with timeless fundamentals - it allows forconsistent results and pricing in an ever changing and chaotic landscape.  


Relying on a single platform or chasing the latest claim from a new platform as being the answer to success in business is, in our opinion, a waste of time and money.


You may have some initial small results which are slightly better than what you've done before - but the step away from principles can leave you quickly out on a limb.


As people we want to organically grow with each other, we want a natural connection.


We want to know and trust each other before we do business.


Remembering this and applying these principles in your social strategy - or any marketing strategy for that matter -  builds you quantifiable business assets that can be leveraged and sold.


That asset is your tribe, your audience.  A group of people that know, like and trust you, love your approach and what you have to say, and are eager buyers when you release something new.


And this asset gives you the freedom to grow your business as big as you like.



Ok, so as always, some questions for you:


  • Are you chasing the latest gimmicks with social - or are you following fundamentals?
  • Are you considering social to be the latest, greatest thing that you must be part of otherwise you're missing out - or is it part of a considered strategy?
  • Are you dismissing it altogether because it's really just not worth the time  - and watching your competitors sign up clients who you know you would do a better job for?


Would love to read your answers below.


Have an awesome day,



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