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Why a natural connection is your most valuable asset (by far)

Why a natural connection is your most valuable asset (by far)

“Anyone can make contact.  But to connect - that’s a different story.” - BLUEBEE SOCIAL


Hey everyone - let's dive straight in!


Today I’m going to discuss


  • how to make real connection with your customers
  • how to generate long term, profitable relationships with amazing clients that your business actually wants.
  • how to build a community of people who love your business and are happy to pay you the money that your product or service is worth
  • how to have authenticity in your messaging and your marketing so that it feels real, it feels like you.


We'll also cover:


  • how to avoid that feeling of fakeness in your messaging
  • pretending to be who you think you should be rather than who you really are
  • how to avoid having to “shout” at people in your marketing
  • how to stop paying thousands of dollars just for a trickle of bad leads.
  • how to avoid attracting the wrong type of clients – those who question your price, kick tyres and compare you to others and don’t trust what you say.


I know right..pretty big claims!    Lets do it.



Ok so I want you to picture this scene in your head...


You walk into a party with a friend and you start to meet a few people.


You meet some people and you think “they're ok”.


Others you meet and you're not quite sure about.


Then there are some people who you hit it off with straight away!


Now with this last group of people – just ask yourself – “why did that happen”?   You've known them for the same amount of time as the people that you didn’t hit it off with or felt kind of neutral about. So what's the difference?


Why is it that we really click with some people?  Resonate with them?   Have a feeling of trust with them?


And yet others - although they may say all the right things and not offend us in any way, still we don’t fully trust them?


What's the reason?    




Natural connection.


We see it in many different parts of our lives - it's a natural part of the human condition.


A connection that we make with a person or a thing or a company which just feels natural, organic - it feels nice!  Instant trust.


It’s not just about the words that are being said.  Of course that comes into it, but it’s about much more.


Nor is it just about the way they look.  Again, style is nice, even important - but what we’re talking about here goes deeper.


It’s that intangible essence - the nonverbal message - the message under the message.


It’s the intention behind it - the thing you can feel, the thing you can sense.


It’s the part that our subconscious picks up.


That’s what’s going on when a natural connection is being made.




Social media is at an interesting time in its evolution. It has gone through many phases.   


It’s been seen as impersonal, causing more separation than connection.


It’s been seen as unnecessary, both in the business and personal world – perceived as somewhat of a “flash in the pan” type infrastructure - and this is for very good reason.


It’s been touted from the rooftops as the be-all and end-all of marketing whilst (paradoxically) growing and evolving from toddler to teenager, and then to young adult.  There have been problems, growing pains and difficulties. It spent a little time hanging around the wrong crowd and it kind of went off the rails a bit in some areas.


And now Social Media is growing up - along with its users.


With the rate of learning, growing, and improving, there is very little doubt that social is here to stay, and is quite simply a powerhouse of opportunity when it comes to business.


The sheer amount of people using it, the combination of eyeballs and ability to promote to people most likely to care, make it a no-brainer.  It’s where many people spend their time - and if we hangout there, the likelihood is we’ll meet our ideal clients while we’re there.




Now, whilst there's been an absolute acceleration in the different platforms available and what's possible to do on them, there's one thing that has stayed unchanged during this time - and that is the human condition.


Humans need to be able to make a natural, intuitive connection with people, things, products, and business, regardless of how they come across them.


Just as in person, in addition to being able to see, hear and feel another person’s sounds, the way they look, the words they say, we are also able to take in the bottom of the iceberg - the non verbal communication.   


That’s where the essence of a great social media presence takes place. It’s not just what's being said but how it's being said and how often, the underlying tone and the context.


Even deeper than that is the intention.


This is the stuff that's underneath and baked into an effective social media and messaging presence.


Once you've got this right, the message goes deeper than the conscious mind. It goes to the subconscious and the heart because you are speaking to your clients truthfully and directly.


You are speaking to their real personality - the one underneath all the show, the likes and the pretence.


And you are showing your real self... effortlessly.


Anyone can make contact. Connecting – well that’s a different story.




In 2016 and 2017 the term “fake news” started making its way into our vocabulary.


This was a classic example of TV and social media being manipulated and used in negative ways. Almost instantaneously (thankfully) the public consciousness became aware of this.


The result was that a “trust barrier” went up for consumers, even higher than before.  


On the surface that can seem like a bad thing.  But I think it’s a good thing!


Now to get through that trust barrier (and have our clients benefit from our services) we can no longer achieve that by talking harder or louder or pretending. We can do it by naturally connecting.  


We do it by focussing back on the fundamentals of human nature that work- natural connection.


That’s where the power lies.


We gain power in our business by connecting naturally with our audience.


We build communities and fans with an authentic message.   These are real customers who are real people with real connection in a world that has seemed so fake.


This is how you stand out from the crowd and avoid that feeling of having to yell your message at people with money and force, or feeling fake and pretending.


And ultimately it will manifest in the types of client that come in kicking tires, not really “getting” you and your offer, not understanding your value, and not wanting to pay what you’re worth.




OK - so to finish up I've got some questions for you…. answer these, either in your head, or written down, and you'll be well on your way to connecting deeply with your prospects, feeling authentic and free in your marketing, and creating relationships and revenue that produce value again and again for everyone involved.


  • Does your social media and marketing message have a natural feel?
  • Are you connecting directly to the heart and soul of your clients?
  • Does it feel natural or does it feel like you're kind of just using social media doing what you should be doing, saying what you should be saying but feeling a little bit unnatural?
  • What can you do to change it?
  • What can you do to add some heart into your message?
  • What can you do to add more intensity into your message?
  • What can you do to connect to your tribe in a deeper way?


I challenge you with these questions today, I would love to hear your comments below.

Have an amazing day.

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